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Artists' exchange with Slovenia - city tour in Munich (v.l.n.r.) Simon Hudolin-Salči und Mateja Rojc ( Künstlerduo Small But Dangers), Jennifer Schwalbenbach (FSJ Kultur am Scahfhof), Tia Avsec (Künstlerin), Anton Spitlbauer (Kulturreferent des Bezirk Oberbayerns), Lucija Stramec (Künstlerin)

Artists-in-Residence: 1 September - 30 November, 2014
Exhibition: 7 February - 15 March, 2015
(until 22 March on the ground floor)

from Slovenia: Tia Avsec, Small But Dangers, Lucija Stramec
from Upper Bavaria Barbara Bernrieder, Nico Kiese, Matthias Trager

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Dates in Freising


> OPEN STUDIOS: 6 November, 2014, 5-7 pm
Everybody is welcome to look around, talk, have a snack and drinks - entry free

> KUNST#TAG 022: 23 November, 2014, Sunday 3 pm
Artists' talk with the Slovenian artists - presentation and open studios
entry free

> Exhibition NATuRSTRuKTuR
7 February - 15 March, 2015

About the artists' exchange

The idea behind the artists' exchange is for each partner institution to invite three artists from the other institutions' country or region on a three-month visit. The scholarship holders from Upper Bavaria visiting Slovenj Gradec were determined by an invitation for applications for the European Art Scholarship of Upper Bavaria. The Slovenian artists who are guests at the Schafhof European House of Art, Upper Bavaria were selected by the Slovenian partner.

The goals of the artists' exchange are to link artists from Slovenia and Upper Bavaria, to encourage lively contact between the artists from the two regions and to promote contemporary art and its mediation by enabling direct contact between artists and the population at a European level.

Meetings with the artists working at the Schafhof can also be individually agreed upon throughout the entire period.


About the artists

Slovenian artists in Freising

Tia Avsec  in her studio at Schafhof

Tia Avsec

born 1990 in Ljubljana, lives and works in Ljubljana

In her project, called INFANTia, Tia is dealing with the idea of stuffed animals and their variable social positions. After making stuffed animal toys, she moves them to different places and contexts, thereby changing their identity. To document these changes she uses photography and video medium. Subsequently, she is also interested in human perspective on animals. She is exploring this perspective through proverbs and idioms, animal symbolism and documentary movies. Her work contains elements of humour and childishness.


Small But Dangers in their studio at Schafhof

Small But Dangers

Artists duo with Mateja Rojc and Simon Hudolin-Salči

With their drawings, photography, painting, objects and performances Small But Dangers create ruptures within the sacred “banality of the everyday” by placing the manipulability at the centre of our experience of reality. As a means to oppose any status quo and to propose another way of positioning, the one that refers to the rhetoric and logistic of Time. (Marko Stamenkovic)

Numerous exhibitions in Slovenia and Europe.


Lucija Stramec  in her studio at Schafhof

Lucija Stramec

born 1978 in Slovenj Gradec, lives and works in Muta and Maribor

Lucija Stramec uses the language of painting and directs it towards motifs from nature, which she transforms into almost abstract surfaces that illustrate the play of shadow and light. Her works speak about the micro world, which she captures on canvas and is infinitely complex, like nature itself. The paintings portray dead leaves, undergrowth, water, canopies etc.. Through these motifs the artist symbolically speaks of the never-ending cycle of life, when dying leaves mean a new beginning and birth as well. (Andreja Hribernik)

Numerous exhibitions in Slovenia and Europe. Her paintings are part of public and privat collections.



Artists from Upper bavaria in Slovenj Gradec

Barbara Bernrieder
Nico Kiese
Matthias Trager

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