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Schafhof - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern  - powerwalk - video still

24 May - 22 June, 2014

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> EXHIBITION OPENING: 23 May, 2014, Friday 7 pm
- Greeting by Anton Spitlbauer, member of the District County of Uper Bavaria
- Introduction by Christian Schoen, art historian, curator of the exhibition

> Guided tour: 3 June, 2014, Tuesday 5:30 pm
Guided tour through the exhibition with Alexandra Hoffmann - entry free

> KUNST#TAG 018 - Art and Science: 22 June, 2014, Sunday 3 pm
Environmental Art. Milestones of Environmental Reseach since the 196o-ies - presentation by Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann, Freie Universität Berlin, professorship for Visual Culture / Modern and Contemporary Art; moderation: Björn Vedder - entry free

About the exhibition

GÆG – Thomas Huber & Wolfgang Aichner
Curator – Dr. Christian Schoen

The title of the exhibition of the artists group GÆG refers to the recent project of the two Munich artists. Beside powerwalk the project passage2011 is on display, which was carried out for the 54. Venice Biennale.

For powerwalk the two artists undertook a oneweek expedition to Europe’s largest glacier, the Icelandic Vatnajökull, as ‘human power stations’. During their project they carried mobile wind generators, producing electricity. After their return to Germany with this energy stored in special batteries they washed their clothes used during the expedition in two washing machines. The artists created an absurd image, which broaches the issue of the current race for resources and energy among the industrial countries and a society orientated towards efficiency, profit and entertainment.

passage2011 is an actionistic, transalpine drama, in course of which the artists dragged a selfmade boat through the Alps. The route is arduous and physically as well as mentally demanding even for the experienced mountaineers. Neoromatic aspirations and sisyphean exertion charaterize the mission, the apparent aim of which is to launch the boat into a Venice lagoon at the time of the most distinguished art event of the world, the Venice Biennale.


Esri Deutschland, Landeshauptstadt München - Kulturreferat, 66° North, Lothringer–13–Halle, EST Energie System Technik, Cube Engineering, Decontam, Lauche & Maas, F. Hi Lterhaus, artcircolo, R. Bödewadt Ug, Perix.Media, Busch & Müller, Georg Oechsler, Icelandair, pilotraum01 e.V., Powerbar, Lichtwerk


About the artists

GÆG - global aesthetic genetics

The unintended initiation rite in the Icelandic blizzard supplied the Æ in the artists’ label GÆG, since among other things it is an Icelandic character. This shared liminal experience in 1988 welded the Munich artists together as friends, later also as artists. In 2005 Huber and Aichner appeared for the first time publicly as an artists’ partnership on the occasion of the project tilia inflata®, which criticized “genetic technology and patent politics”. With their contribution for the Bienniale passage2011, they succeeded in their first sensational undertaking.

Thomas Huber

studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich under Horst Sauerbruch. 1993 he started a series of actionist land art projects, primarily in the Arctic regions. In addition to painting, he also works with object art, installations and media.

Wolfgang Aichner

graduated in Fine Arts at the University of East London after studying architecture in Munich. Within the framework of a scholarship from the New York-based Pollock- Krasner Foundation he worked for a year in Dublin. Between 1997 and 2008 he lectured at three universities.