European House of Art
Upper Bavaria - Schafhof


Call for Partnership

European House of Art in Upper Bavaria - Schafhof - appartement

The European House of Art - Schafhof - in Freising near Munich (Germany / Upper Bavaria) is looking for a co-operative partner for an European artists-in-residency exchange programme.

Mission statement:
The mission of Schafhof is to promote European ideals and enrich the region’s cultural life. Therefore the District of Upper Bavaria provides scholarships for 3 foreign artists from your country/region. For 3 months each, the 3 foreign scholarship holders live and work in the apartments and studios of the Schafhof.

What we are looking for:
A partner institution, who would host 3 German (Upper Bavarian) artists and choose 3 artists to go to Freising for one or two artists' exchanges.

We offer:
- Apartment and studio
- 800-1000 Euro stipend / artist / month (for material costs, travel, catering etc.)
- Open studio presentations and adjoining programmes
- An exhibition for all the six participating artists

You provide:
- A residency for 3 German artists (from Upper Bavaria) on a similar standard.
- 800-1000 Euro stipend / artist / month (also possible with external support)
- The organization of the application for the artists from your country/region.

Artistic field: Current trends of contemporary art, all genres

Duration: 3 month/artists

Artists: 3+3. The programme is addressed to freelance and professional artists. Artists under the age of 39 are treated preferential.

Application: The institutions preselect 5-10 artists for the exchange programme, while the respective partner institution makes the final decision for the 3 winners. Other procedures can be negotiated.

Planned period: spring and autumn, 2014-2017

Conditions can be changed by agreement.

Eike Berg
Director of the House of Art - Schafhof
P: +49 (0) 151 - 126 33672