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Schafhof - European House of Art Upper Bavaria- exhibition IN THE CROSSHAIRS


in Freising
1st cycle: 1 March - 15 May, 2015
2ne cycle: 1 Okcober - 30 November, 2015
in Lviv
1st+2nd cycle: 22 June - 7 September, 2015

Participating artists

from Ukraine:
Andriy Dudchenko, Andriy Hir, Vlodko Kaufman, Sergii Radkevych (aka Teck), Natalka Shymin, Albina Yaloza
from Upper Bavaria :
Birthe Blauth, Klaus Erich Dietl, Jadranka Kosorcic, Cornelia Melián, Stephanie Müller, Franz-Ferdinand Wörle

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Exhibition at Schafhof - European House of Art Upper Bavaria

IN THE CROSSHAIRS - Artistic dialogue with the Ukraine
Exhibition of the Ukrainian and Upper Bavarian artists participating in the artists' exchange programme Transfer > Lviv-Ukraine I+II

> EXHIBITIONG: 6 February - 28 March 2016 (on the ground floor until 3 April
Opening hours: Tue-Sat 2-7 pm, Sun + Holidays 10 am - 7 pm

> 5 February, Friday 7 pm: VERNISSAGE

> 21 February, Sunday 4 pm: KUNST#TAG 036 SCIENCE
presentation and artists' talk

> 1 March, Tuesday 5 pm: meetingpoint+art
guided tour

> 13 March, Sunday 4 pm: KUNST#TAG 037 Performance
Short Cuts, Performance by Cornelia Melián / Micro Oper München,
artists' talk

Dates in Freising

> KUNST#TAG 025: 22 March, 2015, Sunday 3 pm
Open Studios, Presentations und Artists‘ Talk with the Ukrainian artists and the director of the partner institution Dzyag in Lviv, Marek Ivashchyshyn - Free entry

> Meetings with the artists working at the Schafhof can also be individually agreed upon throughout the entire period.

> KUNST#TAG 027: 9 May, 2015, Saturday 4 pm
Picnic and presentation - Works of the Ukrainian guest artists in and around Schafhof. Afterwards picnic with traditional Ukrainian Borsch and drinks - you are welcome to bring food and drinks! - Free entry

> KUNST#TAG 033: 15 November, 2015, Sunday 4 pm
Open Studios and presentations with the Ukrainian artists from the 2nd cycle of the artists' exchange Transfer > Lviv-Ukraine - Eintritt frei

Albina Yaloza
Andriy Hir
Andriy Dudchenko
Albina Yaloza, Andriy Hir and Andriy Dudchenko in their studios at Schafhof

After the presentation the artists and the direcotr of the House of Art are avaiable for talks and discussions. The visitors are invited to visit the studios with drinks and snacks.

About the artists' exchange

Transfer > Ukrain I is the first part of an artists' exchange programme between the art center Dzyga in Lviv in the Western Ukraine and Schafhof - European House of Art Upper bavaria in Freising.

The idea behind the artists' exchange is for each partner institution to invite three artists from the other institutions' country or region on a two-three month visit. The scholarship holders from Upper Bavaria visiting Lviv were determined by an invitation for applications for the European Art Scholarship of Upper Bavaria. The Ukrainian artists who are guests at the Schafhof European House of Art, Upper Bavaria were selected by the Ukrainian partner.

The goals of the artists' exchange are to link artists from Ukrain and Upper Bavaria, to encourage lively contact between the artists from the two regions and to promote contemporary art and its mediation by enabling direct contact between artists and the population at a European level.


About the artists

Ukrainian artists in Freising

Vlodko Kaufman: Nest, 2015

Vlodko Kaufman

born in Karagande (Kazakhstan) in 1957, lives and works in Lviv

  • 1974-1978 - studied at the Ivan Trush School of Applied and Decorative Arts
  • 1978-1980 - studied at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute (Architecture)
  • 1989-1993 - Member of the Art Society "Path"
  • 1993 - co-founder of the Art Association "Dzyga"
  • 2007 - co-founder of the "Institute of Contemporary Art"
  • Curator of the festival «Days of Performance Art in Lviv» (Ukraine)
  • Curator of the «Week of Contemporary Art» (Lviv, Ukraine)

Natalka Shymin

Natalka Shymin

lives and works in Lviv

  • 1978 – studied at the Ivan Trush School of Applied and Decorative Arts.
  • 1983 – studied at the Textile Department of the Lviv Academy of Arts.
  • Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.
  • Member of the Artistic Association "Path".
  • Member of European Textile Network.
  • Member of “Artemition” (International Union of Textile Artists)

Andriy Dudchenko: Beach (Detail), 2012, Öl auf Leinwand, 130x200

Andriy Dudchenko

born in Yevpatoria in 1983, lives and works in Kiew

  • 2002 studied of painting in the Crimean Art Colledge of Samokish
  • 2009 studied in National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture in Kyiv, department of painting

Andriy Hir: aus der Serie Superstition (Detail), 120x200cm, Acryl und Stickerei auf Leinwand, 2014

Andriy Hir

born in Uzhgorod in 1988, lives and works in Lviv

  • 2010 Lviv Polytechnic National University, diploma in architecture

Sergii Radkevych (Teck)

born in Lutsk in 1987, lives and works in Lviv

  • Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts, departament of monumental painting.
  • Priorities – murals, street art, painting, drawing, installation
  • Has been engaged in Street Art for more than 10 years.

Albina Yaloza: aus der Serie New Ukrainian (Detail), 200x200cm, serieller Linolschnitt, 2012

Albina Yaloza

born in Kharkiv in 1978, lives and works in Odessa

  • 1999 Kharkiv State Art College, specialization "Painting"
  • 2006 Kharkov State Academy of Arts and Design, specialization "Graphics"

Oberbayerische Künstler in Lviv

Birthe Blauth: Hamlet's Mill, Still aus dem Video, 2015

Birthe Blauth

born in München in 1969, lives and works in München

  • Doctorate in Chinese Studies, Ethnology and European Art History at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Specialist area: iconology, mythology, religious anthropology

Jadranka Kosorcic

Jadranka Kosorcic

born in Split in 1972, lives and works in München

  • MA Fine Arts, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London, 1997/98
  • studied at the Art Acadamy Munich, 1993-2001
  • studied at the Art Acadamy Nürnberg, 1992/93

Cornelia Melián: Szenenfoto

Cornelia Melián

born in Erding in 1958, lives and works in Moosach

  • studied voice in Munich (Conservatoire) and in Basel (Music Academy).
  • founded the ensemble MICRO OPERA MUNICH, a laboratory for interdisciplinary musical experimentation, 1991

Stephanie Müller: The Trumpet, Textil-Sound-Installation, 2015
Klaus Erich Dietl: Susanna and the Elders, Video-Loop, 2015


Artist duo with Klaus Erich Dietl and Stephanie Müller

    Stephanie Müller
  • born in Rosenheim in 1979, lives and works in München
  • studied communication science, sociology and psychology at the LMU Munich
  • postgraduate studies at the Art Acadamy Munich, 2009-11

Franz-Ferdinand Wörle

Franz-Ferdinand Wörle

born in München in 1952, lives and works in Straußdorf/Grating

  • studied at the Art Acadamy Munich, specilization sculpture

About the art center Dzyga in Lviv

Dzyga:  (literally) a pegtop,a restless person
Dzyga: (metaphorically) an endless evolutionary process between two dots; a black & white hole

DZYGA Art Association (Lviv, Ukraine)  is a conglomeration of artists, musicians, writers, scientists, journalists, public figures, businessmen assembled by different kinds of cultural, creative projects and objects (clubs, festivals, mass media projects, etc)

DZYGA is recognised to be a creative field where different ideas, ojects, initiatives,  art actions are born and realised, and these events are usually echoed far outside Lviv and Ukraine. 

DZYGA supports, provides and promotes the development of all possible contemporary art genres: paintings, graphics, sculpture, installation, performance, happening, iconography, land art, body art, photography; music: rock, electronic music, jazz, blues, folk, classical music; literature, theater, film production, multimedia, etc.

DZYGA revolts against mass uniformity and conformism, against marginal kitsch, stereotypes and passiveness, against indifference and vulgarity. It happens, DZYGA doesn't stir, just observes…, sometimes. Its basic principles are freedom of self expression, social responsibility (moderate one), creativity, cherishing of its own psychological complexes, movement and excessive ambitions, and what’s the most important – its subjectivity.

Say DZYGA – understand  creation of the PROCESS



DZYGA Art Association was founded in 1993 by the activists of the student movement in  the period of Ukrainian struggle for  its independance (‘Students’ Brotherhood’1989 – 1993), the representatives of avant-garde art (Shlyakh /Way Art Association) and Lviv underground environments  (the Tea Fan Club and the Mertvyi Piven bands, the  first in Ukraine underground and legendary VyVyh festivals).

In March 1997 the Dzyga Gallery for contemporary art was inaugurated in the premises of   the former Dominican monastery, and it became a ‘physical’ center of all  dzyga  initiatives.


Art can not be structured a priory,  but! DZYGA has already involved, and it is still  involving in its whirl various clubs, art cafes, art pubs, literary and publishing projects, a number of long-term  festivals; periodically it is exploded by unordinary mass media projects, etc.


There are some annual artistic events worth to be mentioned within the “ocean” of art and cultural projects realised by the DZYGA, namely:

  • Flugery Lvova International Jazz Folk Festival
  • Jazz Bez International Festival
  • TYZHDEN /Week of  Contemporary Art International Festival
  • Days of Performance Art
  • «L2» Ukrainian-Polish Cultural Exchange Festival
  • Fort.Missia International Arts Festival (an anti-military interpretation of the man-made ruins of the World War I forts)
  • Ukrainian Zriz/ Cross-Section Triennial 

DZYGA is also a co-organiser of the Lviv International Forum of Publishers, the last one has  contributed greatly to the image of Lviv as a ‘book capital’ of Ukraine.


For the years of its activity, the  Association has organised and conducted a great number of creative actions, involving into the process top artists not only from Ukraine but from all over the world, including Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, US, Russia, Japan ... and now one can say rightfully that it’s just the Dzyga  that identifies Lviv, not vice versa. 

Mass media space of Ukraine:

  • in 2000 DZYGA established the Radio Iniciatyva, the first  in Ukraine informal (underground) speech programming radio
  • in 2003 – Lvivska Gazeta, a daily large circulated newspaper;
  • since 2006 - a number of successful and not very successful open Internet projects:, /,

DZYGA activity has resulted in over four thousand various art-cultural events, actions, processes; some of them  have already become the legends: the VyVyh innovative festivals, the Ukrainian Youth to Christ festivals, the New Noah's  land art project, the Listen to Ukrainian! music project,  the “ YE” music- literary project…