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European House of Art in Upper Bavaria - Schafhof  - exhibition GLITCH ART - Rosa Menkman: DCT Syphoning

12 December, 2015- 7 February, 2016

Participatng artists:
Rosa Menkman (NL)
Nick Briz (USA)

> EXHIBITION OPENING: 11 December, 2015, Friday 7 pm
Introduction: Anna Blumenkranz, artist

> Guided tour: 26 January, 2016, Tuesday 5 pm
Guided tour through the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann - entry free
(in German language - English spoken tours can be booked for groups - fee by agreement)

> KUNST#TAG 035 :31 January, 2016, Sunday 4 - 6 pm
- Counting with Errors, presentation by PD Dr. Johannes Lenhard, University of Bielefeld, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Scienes
- afterwards: artists‘ talk with Rosa Menkman und Nick Briz - entry free

About the exhibition

The term “Glitch Art” is used in the visual arts to describe a form of art which concerns itself with the aesthetics of errors. The starting point is so-called “errors” in technology-dependent media such as photography, video and electronic images. These “errors” draw people’s attention to existing, “correct” structures that surround us. They sensitise our perception of the visual environment, in that the conspicuous irregularities re-open our eyes to subjects which have become so matter of course in the relentless flood of images in the media and public spaces that they are no longer perceived as images.